Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rocky road

The Rocky films have never really done much for me. For a start, I'm not a fan of Sylvester Stallone - he's perhaps the most wooden actor ever to 'grace' the silver screen.

And the Rocky films are predictable, cliche-ridden ego trips for the diminutive star.

So, it was with no surprise that I heard recently that Stallone has reprised his most famous role 'one last time'.

It seems I'm not alone in wondering how anyone would believe that a short 60-year-old would be able to go ten rounds with the world heavyweight champion of the world.

Writing in this week's Guide magazine in The Guardian, Joe Queenan says: "Concerned about his legacy, not sure he is getting the respect from the boxing press that he is due, Rocky decides to come out of retirement for one last fight.

"This time, he will duke it out with Mason "The Line" Dixon, an undeafeted black man who, though prodigiously gifted, has never really been tested. That's because up until now he has only battled tough black men in their 20s, but has never had to face the ultimate test: a 10-round bout with a decrepit Caucasian restaurateur pushing 60."

I think I will be giving Rocky Balboa a wide body swerve when it is released in the UK next week.

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Razor said...

The Rocky films are class! You don't watch them for believability, you watch them to see men punch each other, see Mr T. growl and Hulk "Thunderlips" Hogan give Rocky the Andre the Giant treatment for charity. And last but certainly not least, Eye of The Tiger!!