Friday, January 26, 2007

Rural affairs

It must take a special kind of person to join the Scottish Rural Women's Institute (SWRI).

I've just been sub-editing a few reports on meetings of local SWRIs, and it seems that they really are an unusual bunch.

For example, what sort of group of people makes such a thing as Red Onion Marmalade?

And then runs a competition to judge how good each batch of this vile-sounding product is?

This very same organistion simultaneously ran competitions for a crocheted blanket and for each member's favourite jug.

That's right, these women have favourite jugs.

I can't imagine ever reaching a stage where I care enough about jugs to have a favourite. Nor can I seriously ever see myself thinking: 'Hmmmm, I wonder if my friends also have favourite jugs? Perhaps we should run a favourite jug competition.'

I wonder upon what criteria the judging will be based? Are extra points awarded for intricate patterns, or is it design, craftmanship and functionality that wins the day in a jug-judging contest?

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