Monday, January 15, 2007


Whilst I was reading the Sunday papers yesterday, a little catalogue dropped out.

This paper emporium of delights purported to be 'everything you need to be safe around the house and garden'.

Idly flicking through the catalogue, I happened upon perhaps the most ludicrous invention of all the strange gizmos on offer - the adult bib.

Yep, an adult bib. A bib for adults.

This 'durable, wipe clean clothes protector' was three foot in length. Tied around the neck, it claimed that it would keep all ties and shirts stain-free.

I cannot imagine any adult in full charge of all their faculties wishing to purchase a bib for their own use.

Mrs Wife might disagree, as she is forever pointing out my food-based mishaps. Anything involving gravy, ketchup (or indeed sauce of any kind), ice cream, chocolate or custard tends to find itself, at some point between plate and mouth, down my front.

This very lunchtime, I struggled manfully with two soft-boiled eggs and toast soldiers (OK, I battled - there is no manful way to struggle with boiled eggs). Incredibly, my shirt and tie were blemish-free at the conclusion of my meal.

So, is there any market for the adult bib? Or should we march gleefully onwards, taking whatever stains eating too fast throws in our way? I know which gets my vote.

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Ian Lidster said...

Adult bibs? You can get around any mess just by doffing your shirt. Anyway, I don't think it's an idea that will catch on. Male purses never really did, and I'm happy that they didn't.
Enjoyable piece and nice to see you again at mine.