Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fit of the gigs

My imminent move back to Scotland's chilly east coast has revealed a new benefit that I had barely considered in the few weeks that have passed since I was first offered a new job.

I am soon going to be able to attend far more gigs than in recent years, given that I will be working in Aberdeen, home to several great venues.

In the coming months, tours by The View, The Killers, The Australian Pink Floyd, Bloc Party and Idlewild all call into the Granite City.

And one of my favourite bands in the world, and the greatest rock'n'roll band on the planet today, The Cooper Temple Clause, play there at the end of March.

All of which is terribly exciting to someone who has spent the past two years living almost three hours from Glasgow, the nearest port of call for major tours.

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