Tuesday, January 16, 2007

250 million reasons why LA is best for Beckham

Some of you may remember me saying that I'm not the biggest fan of David Beckham.

In a previous post, when it looked as though he might stay at Real Madrid, I did admit that I think that, despite being the most over-rated professional footballer ever, Golden Balls has made the most of his limited but highly-honed attributes, and that he is very professional in everything he does.

I think that Beckham's decision to move to LA Galaxy in August is probably for the best. His powers are clearly on the wane, and none of the English Premier League's big hitters would be interested (at least on simply footballing terms). For a 'superstar' of Beckham's magnitude to slum it (relatively speaking) with one of the Premier League's second-string sides such as Newcastle or Spurs would be unimaginable, probably tainting the Beckham brand.

Part of his allure is that he has always plied his trade at the very top - in a Champions League winning Man Utd side and Real Madrid's infamous Galacticos team.

At least living in Hollywood will allow the Beckhams to continue their push for global celebrity, with David given the chance to curl free kicks into the net twice a week in return for 250 million dollars over five years.

For further musings on the future of Brand Beckham, check out the Guardian's sports blogs.

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