Friday, January 12, 2007

At a loose end

With Mrs Wife now working over on the east coast and Groanin' Jock stuck without the Jockmobile over in the wet west, I am alone this weekend and unsure how to fill what seems like my first work and commitment-free weekend in years.

The weather forecast isn't promising, which leads me to the conclusion that any activity I do undertake will be indoors.

Although Mrs Wife and I bought bikes last summer, and I have enough waterproof equipment to ensure I survive a day of physical cycle-based activity, the bikes are at the back of the shed, behind a mountain of possessions moved from indoors to help make Groanin' Towers appear less cluttered when potential purchasers visit.

Therefore, I am not inclined to delve into this gardening tools graveyard in an attempt to rescue the bike.

So I guess it's a weekend of computer games, music, football on the TV and DVDs for me.

It's a hard life....

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