Friday, April 27, 2007

Arresting Behaviour

Worrying news from the Police State of Aberdeen.

A male stripogram is to be charged for dressing as a police officer for his routine.

I realise that impersonating a police officer is a criminal offence, but it's not as if the guy was planning on arresting anyone or issuing speeding tickets. One big giveaway is that instead of saying 'Police' on his back, it says 'Stripper'.

In fact, the uniform he was wearing wasn't even going to stay on terribly long - such a short space of time that the real police officers were happy to watch the show.

What a complete waste of time, public money and police resources.

Unlike in India, where a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Richard Gere.

That sounds like a far better cause for the law enforcement agencies to pursue. While they're at it, the Indian authorities can also take steps to punish Gere's frequent crimes against humanity such as An Officer and A Gentleman, Pretty Woman and Unfaithful. And having him in court will give everyone another opportunity to have a little chuckle at the gerbilling story/urban legend.


Mirk said...

What I find more worrying is that a g-string is now part of the uniform of our polis. Doesn't "bare" thinking about.

Oestre-Bunny said...

What about runaway bride and shall we dance?

i shudder to think of a film that pairs richard gere and julia roberts.