Thursday, April 26, 2007

Travelling Without Moving

I love my new job. I've been back working in Aberdeen for two months now, and it's been great.

Quite a few people are surprised by the distance I drive to and from work each morning - around 40 miles.

But the commute to work gives me a chance to wake up - it may not seem the best place to wake up, sat at the wheel of a car rattling along the dual carriageway at 70mph, but I don't mean it literally. It just gives me the opportunity to prepare myself for the day ahead.

The one thing that really annoys me about the drive into work is any point where I'm not moving. The feeling of frustration when I'm sitting in stationary traffic is unsufferable.

Last night, it took me 20 minutes to drive a mile to the place where I play football after work. Obviously, it would have been quicker to walk, but the football pitches are closer to home than my office, and I didn't fancy walking a mile after my second hour of football that afternoon.

But Aberdeen can be a hair-tearing place to drive. Plans are afoot for a new bypass around the city, but that won't really affect the areas that I pass through each morning and evening. What it will mean is lots of roadworks and detours.

Which means lots of sitting in traffic....thankfully Jim, the all-seeing individual in charge of the universe, has invented in-car CD players and the Arctic Monkeys, so all is not lost.


Ralphd00d said...

I understand how you feel about the travel distance to work. One of my first jobs was about 20 miles away and would take an hour and a half to get there, and almost 2 hours to get home - all by freeway, in rush hour traffic. Glad I quit working there when I did.

Mirk said...

I concur with your view on driving to work and after a wee while you are there and back in no time and it's no big hassle.

It's about fifteen miles to get the kids to school and they don't have to get up any earlier than the kids that have to travel 5 to their school.

burdigalaecosse said...

I was interested in reading about your view on the Aberdeen bypass. I work on that project from the environmental perspective - and I know that many people in the area are opposed to it. Many say that there is no real need for this bypass and that it is ony politically driven?
Below is an old post on the AWPR project - I am still working on it and will post later during the year on the continuity of our work if you are interested.