Friday, April 06, 2007


To many of us, Easter is about fluffy bunnies, chocolate eggs and Disney cartoons on TV.

But to others, Easter is about commemorating the day that a magician was nailed to a cross about 2,000 years ago. (It's not my way of thinking, but I'm happy for those who believe in it. In the words of God himself: "Whatever gets you through the night, 'salright, 'salright".)

And as regular readers know, this blog is all about spiritual enlightenment and improving ourselves through learning (as well as crass jokes about Mute Tourette's Syndrome and rants about how stupendously rubbish Rangers are at the moment).

So, in what is probably a misguided effort at helping you strange people get some edjookayshun, here's a link to Wikipedia's entry on Easter.

My favourite part, once we're done with all the heavy stuff about Saints and the lunar calendar, is this:

"According to the children's stories, the eggs were hidden overnight and other treats delivered by the Easter Bunny in an Easter basket which children find waiting for them when they wake up. The Easter Bunny's motives for doing this are seldom clarified."

Now come on, does the Easter Bunny really need a motive for his annual gift-giving? If an imaginary rabbit wants to spend his Bank Holiday weekend delivering chocolate to my garden, why can't we just leave him in peace?


Chickie Carmarthen said...

That was most hilarious - my reason for celebrating Easter? The fact that I am sitting here reading blogs on Friday morning instead of listening to some useless philosophical bullshit up at the university. This may be subject to change next year as my schedule changes.

PS - your captcha code amuses me this morning "fhglerhl" - sounds like a noise you make when something is stuck in your throat. ;)

Groanin' Jock said...

Useless philosophical bullshit at university? Surely not?!

Mirk said...

Thankfully our Easter bunny is now in the old age bunny's home! No more getting up at six in the morning and hiding said goodies.

My kids are to old for that. The first time they were very speculative on the number of eggs they would get and went out with two carrier bags each.

Copious amounts of disappointment soon ensued, just lots of tiny eggs. Shame :0))))