Thursday, April 05, 2007


Less than a fortnight after the city was swamped by horizontal blizzards, Aberdeen is now sweltering in a very early summer.

Since returning to the supposedly cold North East, Wednesday has become my day of exercise. I play football with colleagues at lunch time and then pull on the boots again after work for a second match.

This second match is played outdoors on astroturf, and yesterday's clash was unusual - the weather was too hot for football.

I never thought I'd say that, especially when talking about Aberdeen, but it was far too hot to be running about playing five-a-side. Never before in all my days of playing have I seen grown men queuing up to play in goal - but that's what happened last night, as the goal that my team was defending was in the shade - and you don't have to run around when you're the keeper.

Hopefully this early summer will continue through the real summer. I'll be happy if it even continues through the next week. Sunday is my birthday, Mrs Wife and I are on holiday all next week and we're going to the Grand National next weekend.

And my new garden is big enough for a game of football with Baby Brother as well.

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