Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tyranny of Normality

I am under no illusions that I am normal, primarily because I don't think any such condition actually exists.

Presumably everyone thinks the things they do on a day to day basis are the right things for them - and thus they are normal, if only to that person.

I own around 2,000 CDs, all of them filed in alphabetical order so that I can find them when I want them. To me, that is normal. To others, it is a sign that I am some semi-autistic geek with an anal obsession for having The Beatles' albums stored in chronological order.

Despite being a professional wordsmith, I have to mentally flip through the alphabet to determine which letters follow each other - even though I learnt it more than 20 years ago.

But to this day, I can recite the full list of World Cup winners in the correct order without so much as missing a beat - and with only a little thought, I can also name the countries which staged the event, again in the right order.

And, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing abnormal about any of this. Which is why I don't think there's really any such thing as normal.

For sure, there are people like Jade Goody, raised by a one-armed lesbian junkie, who definitely do not fall into anyone's category of 'normal'.

But so long as each of us is happy in our own little way, who cares what's normal?

Please excuse me, I now have to go and catalogue the collected DVD works of Al Pacino.

(By the by, www.blogthings.com reckons I am 55% normal.)

You Are 55% Normal

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself


Toom witha Vu said...

I tried that test and danged if I aint 55% normal.

A one armed lesbian junkie ? Hmmm prop her in a corner and call her a coat rack.

Lisa W. said...

I'm 60% normal - hot damn!
RE: the CD organization - that kind of organization is SEXY in a man! Why aren't there MORE OF YOU?

Mirk said...

Still to try the test but I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to flip through the Alphabet.

Perhaps I'm not an eejit after all

Groanin' Jock said...

Well, it seems we're all middle of the road in terms of normality!

Lisa: You'll make me blush! Mrs Wife doesn't think it's very sexy when I spend hours moving CDs around on the shelves to accomodate new purchases!

Mirk: Eejit? No, you're just as normal as me!

Erica said...

I'm 75%, but really...I'm soooo not.

I thought for sure I'd be in and around 12 percent normal.