Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hammock Heaven

With only a fortnight to go until the big move, we seem to have reached a short calm before the storm.

The mortgage and all the associated finances are in place, the removal firm is booked and we're ready to take possession of Dungroanin'.

One of the exciting things about the new pad is its back garden, which is huge - with loads of room for games of football, trampolines and the like.

But perhaps its most endearing feature is the hammock in the back corner, which the current owners are leaving behind, as it is suspended on huge wooden posts that have been fixed into the ground in concrete.

So I can now envisage many a Sunday afternoon spent swinging merrily in the breeze, listening to the Magic Tune Box and sipping on a nice cold beer.

Then my thoughts are always disturbed by the reminder that I will be living in Montrose, which isn't well known for its hammock-lounging weather. Still, it's a nice thought.

1 comment:

Mirk said...

Hammock days I call them and blog about them too, they are so good! They will soon be here again yippee.

Nothing better than Sunday breakfast, two jam doughnuts and a black coffee at the top of the bothy garden in the hammock.

You cannot fail to enjoy.