Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hair We Go

A short respite from the moving madness has allowed me to check on the strange folk who've dropped by this humble website over the past day or so.

Somebody (presumably a man) arrived here having searched for "Growing hair like Liam Gallagher" on Google.

In my teenage years as the frontman of Merge, I had longish hair similar to that of the Oasis frontman (or so I thought).

At some point, when Mrs Wife and I have settled into Dungroanin', I may dig out a photograph to show you just how cool I was.

But I hardly think that I am qualified to provide advice on how to achieve that uber-cool look. And neither did my visitor, who only stopped by for a second.


Mirk said...

Is it as red as your old beard there ;0)

Sho said...

If you can't find it, Kimmy has a whole album full!!!

Groanin' Jock said...

Mirk: My hair's become darker with the passing years, although there is now a disturbing amount of grey in it - I blame marriage....

Sho: Maybe if I pay her enough, Kim will keep the photographs out of public circulation.

kim said...

I have found said pictures and am at present deciding how much their ransom is worth!