Monday, March 19, 2007

Resurrected as Rex

If the Hindus have got things right and reincarnation exists, I'm coming back as a well-loved family dog.

(I don't really think that the Hindus ARE right, but hey, it's as believable as any of the other religions doing the rounds, so lets just suspend our individual beliefs for the duration of this post.)

Mrs Wife and I have just spent the weekend with her parents and their 18-month old Scotty dog.

It seems to me that if you have the great fortune to live your life as a well-loved family dog, things are pretty good most of the time. You get fed a couple of times a day, have fresh water whenever you want and are free to lie in front of the fire throughout your waking hours.

People will quite happily throw a ball for you to chase, and you can think of no greater entertainment than running after it for hours on end. Learning a small 'trick' like standing on your hind legs is a sure-fire way of winning plaudits from your audience.

In short, dogs have it pretty good. Which is why, if the Hindus ARE right, I'll happily be reborn as a canine companion to any family good enough to have me.

And if none of the religions have it quite right, and the universe is run by an all-seeing individual called Jim, hopefully he will see to it that my wish is granted.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Coming back as a dog would be great! I would want to be a dog with one of those owners that treats their dogs like royalty!

BobG said...

As long as you are a show dog, and don't have to worry about getting your jewels clipped, a dog's life sounds better than that of some people I know.

Mirk said...

You just like being bitten by sheep tic's.

God with it being such a warm winter I'm dreading all the said tics that have survived with no frosts.

I predict a plague of them this year. The count last year on our dog was about ten so it's not all bones and biscuits.

What about a fish?

Groanin' Jock said...

Blue: Yep, it sounds ideal, a life of being pampered.

Bob: I didn't consider the risks of having to lose the crown jewels. I'd better come back as an expensive pedigree dog then, so I can also enjoy a bit of action when I'm put out to stud.

Mirk: Fish allegedly can't remember anything for more than a few seconds, so I suppose every day would be a constant excitement - "wow, a rock" "wow, a rock" "wow, a rock" and so on