Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Party pooper

Well, in what is the biggest anti-climax since Paul le Guen became Rangers manager, the 4,000th visitor to Groanin' Jock was someone from the UK who dropped by for only one second before continuing on their merry journey around the worldwide interweb.

Hopefully the 5,000th will be much more exciting.


Anonymous said...

... cheer up, hammerhead.... there will be plenty more visitors...... just relax...

Erica said...

I know what ya mean, of my favorites dropped by a few weeks ago and made 24,999...but 25,000 was also an inny and an outty.

You're the first person I'm telling this to...I guess because I feel you can relate.

And I do extend my sincerest congratulations to you, hammerhead.


Groanin' Jock said...

We should form a victim support group Erica. "My name is Groanin' Jock, and I am traumatised because the 4,000th visitor to my blog was someone I didn't know"

Erica said...

I'll be honest with ya, and's a good idea...but even worse, my 25,000th was one of the bloggers I *do* know, and yet managed to stick around for 0:00.

As a faithful reader, I have to say, that hurt.

But you, my assured...I may not comment on everything (simply because I just have very little by way of intellectual discourse to offer on soccer 'n stuff), but I certainly do read everything.