Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don and Dusted

Rangers have seen off the French and German champion, Celtic have beaten the European Champions (and one of their "fans" has taken a girly swing at the goalkeeper) and our national side is riding high above the World and European Champions.

Yep, Scottish football has forgotten it's supposed to be pish. Obviously a 3-0 away win against Kings of Lyon is more impressive than a last-gasp home win over lowly AC Milan, but I'll eschew any gloating - it's been a good month to be a Scottish football fan.

So can the dandy Dons complete a hat-trick tonight? In footballing terms, an away win over Dnipro would be great. But I hope they don't - I've got money on the Ukrainians, as it's a great way to wind up the hordes of Dons fans in my office.

At the time I place the bet, it seemed like an easy way to win money. Just wish I'd had the balls to bet on Rangers to beat Lyon in France....


rangersfc said...

"Just wish I'd had the balls to bet on Rangers to beat Lyon in France"

I wonder what odds you would have got for a 0-3 scoreline?

Groanin' Jock said...

I'd imagine they'd have been pretty steep - Rangers were 7-1 to win AT ALL, never mind 3-0!

Anonymous said...

Mither says...did you have to eat humble pie in the office today? A big surprise result for The Dons!