Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've seen a lot of pretty disgusting things in my time - a 15-year-old Thai girl, heavily pregnant with her second child, butchering a dog for that night's dinner.

A restuarant described by a tour guide as "the best in Vietnam" crawling with cockroaches.

The carcass of a dead and trampled mouse found underneath a rug after several months lying undiscovered.

A Chinese woman skinning a basket of live frogs.

But today, as I walked from the train station to my office, I was met by the sight of something that I wasn't really prepared for at that time of the morning...

...a massive seagull tucking into a hearty breakfast of dead pigeon.

I'm presuming that the pigeon had been hit by a car, and not that the seagull had hunted its fellow bird down.

However it came upon its meal, the seagull seemed to be making the most of its good fortune, sqwuaking merrily as it ripped into the chest cavity, feathers flying everywhere.

I've said before that I have a phobia of birds, and one less pigeon is a victory for the forces of good in this world.

But being confronted by a seagull dismembering a pigeon on the pavement at 7.45am?

It's almost enough to put me off my Sugarpuffs.


oestrebunny said...

Seagulls are pretty evil....I saw one steal a burger from a man's hand the other day outside Fast Eddies.

It actually flew down and grabbed it from his hand.

They've no shame.

BobG said...

As far as I'm concerned, gulls are nothing but rats with wings. Except for the fact that rats are smarter.
What is embarrassing is that the California Gull is the state bird here in Utah...

downhill dad said...

Fort William, mountain world cup, June 2008. Fish supper is the shout after a hard long day standing about watching other people excercise. Purchase said fish supper and settle down in the park with a severe does of the munchies, can of irn bru at the ready - only to be harassed to death by about four million seagulls, who are willing to take your fingers, hand and head off to secure a chip.

Shoot them all I say!

Inchy said...

There were only a handful of seagulls, DD, and you were just scared in case a small one flew down and whisked your skinny frame away to be a snack for it's chicks!

Disgusting Sights:
I once ordered a kebab from Falkirk's top fast food take-away, The Noor Kebab Hoose, and watched in horror as a jet of 100% animal fat shot at least four feet from the grill as Violet hacked into the meat with her big knife.

"Aye, they all do that. It's just yer luck if it gets ye"

I don't frequent the establishment any more.