Monday, June 02, 2008

The Eleventh Groanin' Jock Lyrical Challenge

Hello. The Tomahawk Kid here again. Whilst Jock is off getting himself a bargain replacement for his Magic Tunes Box I thought I would keep the lyrical challenge series going.

Well done to oestrebunny for correctly identifying two of the tracks from the Tenth Groanin' Jock Lyrical Challenge.

Answers to the tenth challenge are now in the comments on that post. Here are this week's mystery lyrics, let's see if these are easier or harder than normal.

To play, simply identify the songs from the lines given. No Googling.

1: You can't see that I'm just the same as the stupid people who you hate

2: Oh yes I noticed you, you are a friend of mine

3: Tried to please her, she only played one night stands

4: I don't even know what tomorrow will bring, let me tell ya, having no future is a terrible thing

5: I remember better days, lace in every window, and roses 'round the gate

Bon chance.



Groanin' Jock said...

Well, I'm home but not yet in any fit state for Blogging. Number 3 is Daytripper by The Beatles though....

the tomahawk kid said...

Glad you made it home in one piece buddy.

The Fab Four one was mega easy so only half a point for getting that one...

Hope you have gathered lots of blogtastic stuff to share with us about your trip.

the tomahawk kid said...

Here are the answers for all you folks waiting with bated breath...

1: I Need All The Friends I Can Get : Camera Obscura

2: Killing Lies : The Strokes

3: Day Tripper : The Beatles

4: Right To Work : Chelsea

5: This Property Is Condemned : Maria McKee

Keep taking the tablets...