Monday, June 09, 2008

Groanin' Jock's Chinglish Adventures Volume II: Yellow Old Man Of May

Continuing the series that no-one's waiting for, here's my second Chinglish discovery.

This headline appeared in a magazine in which the headlines were thoughtfully translated into English, but the remainder of the text appeared in Chinese script.

Perhaps this is a way of teaching Chinese readers English; if so, I think it probably falls someway short of the mark.

Can anyone shed some light on what "Yellow Old Man of May Daughter Scissors Hand" might mean?


Anonymous said...

"Yellow Old Man of May Daughter Scissors Hand" is a poem by Ted Hughes.

Groanin' Jock said...

I almost believed you there Rab

Anonymous said...

You googled it didn't you!

Groanin' Jock said...


Sven said...

Good Job! :)