Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Curry Tastes Like Shit

Beware, gentlemen. No longer are scorned spouses satisfied with hefty divorce settlements.

One woman in Scotland decided that the best way to exact revenge on her husband as their marriage collapsed was to feed him a curry containing dog excrement.

Jill Martin is one seriously disturbed woman: "At first she claimed she had laced the dish with arsenic but then confessed she had added dog excrement instead. The court heard that the couple had been married for 21 years but in recent years their relationship "had hit an all time low"."

Geez - imagine being told that you were wolfing down arsenic, only to be told instead that it was dog shit. Would you be relieved?

I have had some shit meals in my time, but I have never eaten excrement (or never knowingly anyway). And I'm sure that Mr Martin thought he'd get through his three score years and ten without that experience as well.

I'm not sure what Mrs Martin's punishment should be - maybe she should finish the curry?

1 comment:

BobG said...

The fact that he didn't know it had dog shit in it until she told him tells me something about her cooking...