Friday, May 18, 2007

Over The Sea To Skye

This weekend, I will be attending the stag party of a friend from university who is to wed next month in South Africa.

Tomorrow's festivities, which will include a viewing of the ManUre v Lokomotiv London FA Cup Final and will also afford me the opportunity to:

1) Visit Skye for the first time. My friend hails from the Misty Isle. Though Mrs Wife and I have intended on several occasions to cross the bridge to Skye, we've never yet made it. So I'm hoping that my first visit will be blessed with sunshine rather than the more typical mist or rain.

2) Enjoy my third Indian meal in the space of a week. Following the events of Monday night with Eric, and a microwave facsimile last night, I am once again looking forward to taped sitars, garish wallpaper and two days of garlic-flavoured burps.

3) Drink far too much and suffer all the way during the five-hour drive home.

I shall report back soon.....


mirk said...

Tut tut we are not alowed to call it Skye now! It's Eilean a' CheĆ² or An t-Eilean Sgiathanach I wish they would make up their minds which

Anonymous said...

... word, brah... you can never have too much Indian grub...