Saturday, February 21, 2009

Season 2008/2009: Match 18: Montrose v East Stirlingshire

I'm sure that in some religions, there is a 3,056th circle of hell where tortured souls are forced to watch a never-ending Montrose v East Stirlingshire match, believing, when they enter Hades and are given the choice of the football or daily disembowelment with a rusty garden trowel, that the soccer will be the lesser of two punishments.

Today's encounter, from a Montrose follower's point of view, was horrendous, and I'd almost be tempted to sign up for the daily gutting with a garden implement, if only so that I never have to watch the Steven Tweed and Tony Bullock Comedy Defending Masterclass ever again.

Back in September, Montrose romped to a 3-0 win over 10-man Shire, displaying class and flair from start to finish.

But since then, they've been down to Falkirk for the return tie, where they received a 5-0 pumping at the hands, feet, heads, shoulders, knees and toes of Jim McInally's men.

I've said before that it's obvious Tweed wants Montrose to play fast, attractive, passing football. They were murder today though, unable to carve out even simple opportunities. Shire only scored twice, both goals in the second half, but it was two going on 17.

The result leaves Montrose in fifth place in Division Three, now three points behind today's visitors and looking far removed from potential promotion chasers.
You know your team's shite when a man called Mad Bill, who carries a plastic bag wherever he goes and screams incoherently throughout the match, can take the piss with impunity.


Mike Smith said...

'mon the Shire!

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of Mad Bill. every club needs one. There was a similar character at Peterhead, who inspired the spoof trivia quiz question....
What Scottish Fotball team has the most letters 'E' in their name ?

loudly answered in true Wullie style....come on, Peterheeeeeeeeeeeeed!

I've seen a Shire / Montrose game at Firs Park about 10 years ago ( nice pint in the Graeme Hotel before the game. 3-0 Montrose at half-time... 4-1 final score but I didn't know that 'cos the wife dragged me out at half time. She'd had way more than enough...