Sunday, February 08, 2009

Season 2008/2009: Match 17: Montrose v Berwick Rangers

Back in August, I watched Montrose dominate a piss-poor Berwick side at Links Park, take the lead early on, control most of the possession and finally drop two points by conceding a late equaliser.
History repeated itself yesterday, even down to my having a hangover due to drinking until the early hours in Aberdeen the previous evening.
Montrose's opening goal was a well-worked set piece, Jamie Buchan flighting a free kick to the back post for Keith Gibson to volley home.
But no matter how hard they pressed for the second goal that would have killed the match off, Montrose couldn't find it.
Both sides had men sent off in the last ten minutes, and Berwick scored an undeserved equaliser late on.
Too often this season, Montrose have dropped points in matches they should easily have won. Nonetheless, the football Steven Tweed is encouraging his players (and fellow team mates) to play is fast, with the ball kept down as much as possible.
I'll retain a (perhaps misplaced) optimism at the moment - I'm convinced Montrose just need to find their killer instinct to set them on the road to success.

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