Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Groanin' Jock's Chinglish Adventures Volume IV: Let Me Care You

It's been a while since I wowed both of my regular readers with an example of Chinglish, the exciting language that bolts English words together in ways no-one from an English-speaking country (or Scotland) would ever have thought possible.
Today's example is from the giant panda enclosure at Shanghai Zoo. It's nice that the panda in question wants to care me, just like he cares himself, as we're the same age. And he gets to spend all day eating bamboo and picking his arse. I can only aspire to that kind of career.
For further examples of Groanin Jock's Chinglish Adventures, take a look here. And here. Oh, and here as well.

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stu who? said...

Hey Ma Man

Having been to Shanghai maself, and been so blown away wae the total alien-ness ? (zataword?) of the place to the extent that I've now actually written a book about the experience, I was well-impressed with your blog entries on Shanghai and its madness

I must send ya the first couple of chapters concerning my own first impressions of that astonishing city

LOved reading your own reflections on it