Sunday, August 24, 2008

North Then South

The week ahead promises to be a busy one, with a spot of jet-setting preceding a weekend of music and pear cider in Argyll.

Tomorrow I fly out to Stavanger with five colleagues for the Offshore North Sea conference. I've never been to Norway before, so the novelty factor alone will make it an interesting trip, although the fact that I have to work while across the North Sea will take a little of the shine off.

Still, it's another corner of the world I'll be seeing for the first time, and it certainly beats three days stuck in the office.

I'm home alone at the moment as I prepare for my trip, Mrs Wife having left Dungroanin' on Thursday bound for Edinburgh and Cardiff, the former to take in some festival shows and the latter to see REM for the first time.

I'll arrive home from Scandinavia late on Wednesday night, and after a day in the office on Thursday, I'll be away to Inveraray for the second Connect Festival, where the bill this year includes Kasabian, Manic Street Preachers, Gomez, Franz Ferdinand and, most exciting of all from my point of view, Elbow.

Last year's festival felt like a well-kept secret, but I would imagine that this year's line-up will mean that a bigger crowd turns out. Still, as long as the weather holds and the pear cider is flowing, I'm sure it'll be another weekend to remember.


Erica said...

Wow, Norway? That’s near the Arctic Circle…bundle up, bro! And have a safe trip.

Inchy said...

I spent a long weekend in Norway earlier this year, and while it's an absolutely cracking place, it's also unbelievably expensive. How expensive I hear you cry? Try £8.60 for a pint of beer. Take the VISA card with you.

Jaggy said...

Inveraray's a lovely wee toon. I got married there. There's also a few cracking boozers. Try the George Hotel at the top of the Main St.

Groanin' Jock said...

Erica - Stavanger's not actually much further North than Aberdeen, so I should be fine!

Inchy - Aye, I can see the credit cards taking a battering.

Jaggy - Mrs Wife and I got married in Inveraray as well, at the Church of Scotland at the top of Main Street - right beside the George ;-) And our reception was held in the Argyll on the front.

Inchy said...

Please tell me you tried the reindeer steak? It's excellent.