Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Broken Household Appliance National Forest

Is nothing built to last any more?

In the past few days, the dishwasher at Dungroanin' has packed in, and this afternoon the Jockmobile refused to start after a hard day of sitting doing nothing in the Montrose railway station car park.

The car I can understand - it does a lot of miles and sheer wear and tear over its seven-year life span is obviously going to take its toll eventually. Hopefully replacement of the starter motor will be quick and comparitively cheap.

But the dishwasher is more irritating. I'm fairly certain it was installed when the house was built, which is around three years ago. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I expect a £450 piece of equipment to last more than three years.

The same can be said of MP3 players - I'm now on my third Magic Tune Box, and I only acquired my first in late 2004.

We've become an unnecessarily wasteful society, where nothing is built for the long-term. If something breaks, it can often be cheaper to replace it than repair it.

In what world does that make sense?


Anonymous said...

... it's those evil oil companies, man.... they're behind it all!...


Anonymous said...

Mither says...I have visions of Grampa's shed full of "bits that might come in handy" and him fixing kettles, toasters etc...things that can be bought for as little as a few litres of fuel...the world has indeed gone mad!! Also granny had the same ironing board from the day she married in 1949 until she went into care! Built to last or what!

Anonymous said...

My daughter managed to bust my Creative Zen Jukebox MP3 player by dropping it. Reluctant 1) To part with the money for a new one and 2) spend a year loading music onto it, I took it to the local mobile phone fixer (in a lo-tech indoor market) who sorted the problem for a tenner.

It's amazing what can be fixed it's just a question of finding someone prepared to do it.