Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Train In Vain

It's been a few months since I donned my electric blue football boots for competitive action, but I'll be lacing them up tonight as I return from injury and can't-be-arsedness to face a team that has only recently joined the league in which my company plays.

Usually, you would expect a new arrival to a league to be cannon-fodder, taking a few good hidings as they adjust to the style of play required to win in the competition.

But not this team. In fact, in all my years involved in football, I've never heard of a team taking a five-a-side works league so seriously.

This team sends scouts to all the other matches in the league. Each night, as the other teams battle it out for the three points, a neutral observer will be standing at the side of the pitch, taking mental notes on future opponents.

It is rumoured that this side also has regular training sessions for its 15-man squad. That's a 15-man squad for five-a-sides. What these training sessions involve, I don't know, but it's enough to mark them out as unusual in the less than professional world of Aberdeen fives.

My training regime involves walking to work and a more leisurely kick-around on Friday afternoons. The prospect of being forced to subject myself to proper training would be enough to put me off. Unless a ball is involved or I'm competing in a sport, I've got little time, patience or enthusiasm for exercise.

I readily expect to get a physical and footballing hiding tonight.

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