Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don and Out

Sometimes, being a football fan is a spectacularly unrewarding experience.

But there are days when all the years of dull as Dido nil-nil draws and all the hours spent shivering in Scotland's concrete stands seems worth it. Today was one of those days.

As a Rangers fan working in an Aberdeen office full of Dons fans, the opportunity to engage in football-related banter presents itself regularly. The joy I took in watching the Pittodrie side lose to lowly Queen of the South in today's Scottish Cup semi-final could only have been greater if it had been Celtic on the receiving end of the embarrasing footballing lesson.

Four times Aberdeen fell behind and three times they equalised. Each time they scored, I was convinced that the Doonhammers' dream was over. But Aberdeen's ineptness was exceeded only by Queens' determination to win.

It's almost enough to make me wish I wasn't on holiday on Monday.


bigrab said...

Zander Diamond was gadding about Dumbarton (his home town) yesterday with a load of wee neds in tow. If he was chocolate, he'd melt his hand and pour it on his penis before felating himself! Great result for Queens and it's heartening to see that results like this can still happen. Queens for the cup!

Mike Smith said...

I share your feelings, Jock. Having lived in the Granite City when The Dons had a half decent team in the 1980s, the arrogance of some of their supporters is breathtaking.
I watched the game yesterday in a pub in the company of an Aberdeen fan. The best afternoon I've had in ages.
Although I should elucidate that by saying I am a season ticket holder at Tynecastle...