Monday, February 04, 2008

Rage Against The Machine

As a small update to the post below, it seems that my rant against the Touch'n'Fresh advert has been read by at least three people within SC Johnson (a family company).

Shortly after I posted my diatribe, someone arrived at this humble outpost of the worldwide interweb having searched for SC Johnson on Google.

Then, having been directed to my outburst on the ludicrousness of the advert, this person emailed it to at least two other people. All of these people looked at my post from internet accounts registered in Wisconsin. And one of the IP addresses traced back to SC Johnson.

So, I'm guessing that SC Johnson has an office, perhaps a headquarters, in Wisconsin. And that at least three of its employees have read my rant.

Which begs the question - have I done enough to get the advert pulled from television?

Let's hope so.


the tomahawk kid said...

Don't be daft Jock.

You have to draw them a picture and slide it under their front door...

oestrebunny said...

Well here's hoping anyway!

While your at it, do you fancy writing in to Ch5 about that god awful advert telling us that neighbours is moving to 5? It's on ALL of the time.