Friday, February 29, 2008


Mobile phones and the internet are wonderful inventions, fellow denizens of the blogosphere.

This evening, at an impromptu post-work pub-based social gathering, I used the wonderful Any Question Answered service to settle a debate.

Safe in the knowledge that I was right, I announced that the woman who sang the oft-imitated, never-bettered advertisement for ladies' sanitary wear Bodyform was the same woman who voiced Susie, the spoilt brat from the Trio adverts.

Frankly, my companions were disparaging in their assessment of my claim. Even after hearing my a capella versions of BOTH tracks.

And so, I sent a text to the magical number 63336, worded as follows: "Is the woman who sang the Bodyform advert the same woman who sang the Trio advert?"

Within minutes, I received my answer: "The woman who roared 'Whoa, Bodyform, Bodyform for you', was Stevie Vann Lange. She also voiced Susie in the Trio adverts. She now works as a vocal coach."

I'm guessing that Any Question Answered is just a couple of guys with Google, but hey, their service works.


Kali said...

You go to exciting social gatherings...!

Nothing like an impromptu post-work pub-based social gathering, I say!!

Erica said...

That is quite awesome! Most of the peeps who accompany me to my post-work pub-based social gatherings (though, they are hardly impromptu) refuse to lay any bets down when I am convinced that I am right, obviously because they know better...and, all done without the Any Question Answered service.

We used to use a reference line operated by the Brooklyn Public Library, but since the Internet has proliferated so, Google searches (this, in the office) generally suffice.

When that is not available, since the pub we frequent doesn't have Wireless Internet, we just incoherently ask strangers at the bar if it cannot wait till Monday morning.

Mike said...

Where on earth did you get acapella versions of the Bodyform and Trio adverts?