Saturday, February 10, 2007

No snow

I'm most disappointed. Despite the Met Office promising a UK-wide blanket of snow for most of this week, Argyll has been a region of unsullied blue skies all week.

It has been bitterly cold all week, a biting cold that is at odds with the blue sky and sunshine.

Mrs Wife drove from Angus to Argyll last night, and she told me that the snow cover stops almost exactly at the border between Argyll and Stirling.

I like snow. Even though I'm 26, there is still something exciting about waking up and seeing fresh snow covering everything.

That childlike promise of a day spent sledging and playing snowballs has never left me, and is just one of the many reasons why I am looking forward to moving back to Angus - it snows there much more than it does in Argyll, and when it does, it's proper snow, deep enough to make snowmen and snowballs.


Lisa W. said...

Snow rocks - a small part of the reason living in Canada is so wonderful.

Mirk said...

I ken how you feel I've been waiting years for some of that white stuff it's the fault of that bloody Gulf-stream that we don't have it.