Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Blogging Bogle

After yesterday's rant on our eternal suffering, after a day spent in my new office sitting on my own because everyone else in my team is off ill and after a day where I played football not once but twice, in what is probably my single biggest day of physical activity in nigh on three years, I am spent.

I've got nothing.

Nothing at all.

Sorry folks, but my knees are creaking, my eyes are barely staying open and I just want to stare mindlessly at the TV.

So, as way of an apology, let me point you in the direction of a fellow blogger who's never short of a word or two: Mirk.

Like my (occasionally) good self, he's Scottish, with a slightly withering outlook on his own country.

Oh yes, and he's a Bogle. Drop by and say hello, and tell him I sent you.


Lisa W. said...

We all need some vegetative-ness every once in a while. Enjoy your tv!

Mirk said...

You won't be going to A&E after this post they will be taking you to the psychiatric ward for admitting to reading my blog.

I missed this post the other day only because I saw the pic above this and took a funny turn, I thought it was a pic of the mother-in-law.

Thanks for what you said but it is most undeserved! In fact apart from the wife and kids who are all sworn to secrecy! No other member of my family or friends know of my blog such is my embarrassment and if they were to find it.. oh dear.

I only realised about this post when I googled my blog and saw this, "Oh yes, and he's a Bogle. Drop by and say hello, and tell him I sent you. ... Lemons and Lollipops" it was the lemons and lollipops I did not get.

So thanks again young man :0)