Friday, February 16, 2007

It's over

That's it, my last day at the newspaper is over, and I am a free man once again - until Tuesday at least.

So I am effectively unemployed until Tuesday.

I wonder how much benefits I could claim for being unemployed for a day?


Lisa W. said...

I don't know about the whole unemployed-for-day benefits thing but hey, it's worth a try!

Enjoy your short burst of freedom.

Mirk said...

God how are you going to cope?

I received one or twa mankie jumpers for Christmas if you have need for them don't hesitate to ask I'll forward them on :0))

Good luck in the new job.

Erica said...

Oy, deadlines shmeadlines...I wouldn't mind getting behind a cash register for the next ten years.

I've worked in a newsroom for almost seven years, and all I have to show for it are 100+ gray hairs that I didn't have when I was 24.