Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm no businessman - I like the security of a full-time job and a guaranteed pay cheque at the end of each month.
But I think I'm savvy enough to know that, when naming a company, it's probably best not to name your business after the fictional company from one of the largest film franchises in movie history.
A quick search for the Cyberdyne - the company from the Terminator films that is ultimately responsible for creating Skynet, which builds the titular robots - reveals that several firms around the world share their name with the fictional entity.
There's Cyberdyne Gauges, based in New Eagle, PA. (The ONE by which ALL of the others WILL BE GAUGED!)
Then there's Cyberdyne Systems, a software consultancy firm based in England.
Then, finally, there's the Japanese Cyberdyne, which, worryingly is building robotic suits....

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