Friday, December 01, 2006

Sound and vision

Yesterday, I drove for three hours to Dundee, where I exchanged the broken surround sound system for a new one (sorry if this seems to be a recurring theme).

I then drove for three hours back to deepest, darkest Argyll, where I unboxed the system and spent more than an hour feeding cables round furniture and through speaker stands.

Just as I finished this complex procedure, I realised something - I hadn't seen a remote control in amongst all the equipment.

There wasn't one.

So, I then had to strip it all back down and pack it back in its box, ready to be transported back to the store. So another long trip ensued this evening, two hours through driving rain to pick up the third surround sound system.

But it's all working fine now. Bring on the blockbusters!


Mirk said...

For some strange reason I bet you made sure everything was in the box before you left Dundee this time :0) Aye ken ken.

Groanin' Jock said...

Yep, sure did! I made the guy at Argos check every single nut, bolt and battery was in the box before I left!