Sunday, December 17, 2006

Firm favourites

It's very rare that an Old Firm match has meant so much and little as today's.

Rangers really need a win over Celtic to restore a bit of pride, but even a resounding victory would leave them 13 points adrift of the Bhoys.

If Celtic take the honours, they will be 19 points clear of the Gers before Christmas, a frankly embarrasing situation.

Admittedly, Rangers do have a further two matches against Celtic after today's, which, if all three were won, would reduce the gap to seven points - still needing Celtic to lose three times outwith the Old Firm encounters and Rangers to win all their matches.

But hey, let's just get on with restoring some pride.

Oh, and winning the UEFA Cup as well.


Anonymous said...

... Rangers?.... bah.... screw them.... once I met a True Bluenose, I lost all respect for them and their supporters.....


Scott said...

Good to see Aberdeen consolidating themselves in 2nd! Bring on the Champions League!

Groanin' Jock said...

Eric - there are idiots 'supporting' every team - don't judge all of us just because of a run-in with one of them.

Scott - I'm sure Barcelona are shitting it!

scott said...

anderson would have ronaldinho and eto in his back pocket no problems there!