Thursday, May 20, 2010

City For Sale

The long-running battle over Aberdeen's proposed City Square development took another turn yesterday, with the city council voting in favour of allowing the plans to progress.
Those opposed to the development haven't taken it well, claiming that the process was undemocratic - despite the fact that the democratically-elected councillors voted on the proposal. Their claim is that the results of a public consultation - where a majority of a tiny proportion of the city's residents voted against the plans - were ignored.
As a result, one disenfranchised member of the electorate (who was probably also opposed to the Union Square development and will not doubt be campaigning vehemently against Donald Trump's golf course plans) has listed the city for sale on Ebay.
If you can't beat them, greet about it until the cows come home.


JadeLD said...

Haha that is quite funny, wish I could have seen that and got a screenshot before it was removed from ebay!

I personally think Aberdeen needs a bit of change. The city has so much potential but it's really grubby and a bit run down, if you walk along Union Street and near Belmont Street on a Saturday or Sunday morning the place is really a mess, it's very embarassing if you have visitors to the city who see this side of the town.

I think if we have such huge investments in the city and new meeting areas are created then the people of the city will really have something to be proud of and maybe learn to treat their town with more respect.

There's a lot more the Wood's proposal than a car park and concrete. It's time for a positive change and a modern city.

But it's only my opinion!

Mike Smith said...

Aberdeen has changed so much since I lived there more than 20 years ago - so I'm a bit perplexed by all the fuss. It's been years since I was in Union Terrace Gardens but I do remember it was an eyesore...