Monday, May 10, 2010

Bent Shots?

I saw this photograph this afternoon on Who Ate All The Pies? when I should have been putting together some cutting edge market analysis.
First off, I don't care whether Zlatan Ibrahmiovic and Gerard Pique are the world's most high-profile gay footballers. What got me thinking is that if they are they're the ONLY gay footballers I'm aware of playing at the very top of the game.
In fact, the only other gay footballer I can remember is Justin Fashanu, who of course tragically committed suicide in 1998.
In the west, somewhere between two and thirteen per cent of the population is estimated to be gay. Say, for argument's sake, that the figure is ten per cent. Then, presume that each Premiership club has a 20-man squad. That's 40 gay men.
Even assuming that only two per cent of men are gay. That's eight gay Premiership footballers. Even suppose that the macho world of football has only half as many gay employees as society at large. That's four Premiership footballers.
It seems strange that, when football has largely managed to shake off the worst of its racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and bigoted bad days, no gay players have publicly come out.
Will Ibrahimovic and Pique be the first?

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Anonymous said...

When I was at Hampden yesterday sitting in amongst the Ross County fans, Craig Brewster was prancing about in lycra on the touchline. Someone said that he "played for the other side" whilst tapping their nose. Presumably this was a reference to his career with Dundee United.