Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Weighting

This week, I have begun the latest skirkmish in what has been a long-fought and tempestuous battle.
Following the festive excesses, I weighed myself at the weekend and found that I've never been heavier, tipping the scales at almost 15 stone.
I'm not a small man - I'm 6' 0.5" tall (not "six and a half foot" as one nurse told me when I had a medical a few years back), wide-shouldered and broad-chested.
I've never been what one would call slim, and even at my athletic peak around 12 years (gulp!) ago, I was "robust".
But now, according to all recognised sources, I'm officially overweight.
Which means cutting out a lot of things I really like and doing a few that I don't really like.
Gone are the chocolates, sweeties, milshakes, ice creams and pies.
In come lunch breaks spent pounding the treadmills at my gym.
I'm assuming that my body, beginning the slow (but not slow enough) final approach into its 30s, will be increasingly reluctant to give up its roll of fat, especially as I begin to starve it of the calories, saturated fats and sugar to which it has become accustomed
In a previous weightloss effort, I lost more than a stone in a fortnight just by cutting out my daily two pints of milk.
I can see this attempt being considerably harder....

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bigrab said...

In March 2009 I was 15 stone and 10lb. I went on a self devised diet of a sachet of porridge (Oatso Simple or Scotts So Easy) for breakfast and the same for lunch (add a banana or other fruit if desired) with a normal meal (within reason) at night with NOTHING ELSE. I was 12 stone 11lbs a few months later.

OK if you can eat porridge!