Monday, January 11, 2010

British Bunnies

More shameless plugging in this post - Mrs Wife has launched her own business.

British Bunnies ( caters for all your rabbit needs, with advice on your lagomorph's diet, health, training and welfare. It also has a directory of rabbit holiday accommodation and a fantastic forum to discuss all things bunny-related.


Jaggy said...

Training? ? ?

You can train a rabbit??

Oh I get it. "Eat Lettuce!", "See that female, get it pregnant!"

Seriously though, Training?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this -and Eggheads!

Groanin' Jock said...

Jaggy: Yes, they can be trained to a certain level - coming when ordered to, sitting up, that kind of thing.

Rab: Thanks, here's hoping both are a success!