Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who Knows?

After reading a post on classic broadcasting moments at another blog, I was reminded of this (possibly fictitious) story told to me by a lecturer on my journalism degree:

A radio commentator was at Hampden for a Scotland v Romania match, and was sitting amidst the assembled hacks delivering his description of the game.

The Romanian players were unknown to the Scottish media and fans, and it was difficult to work out which player was which.

When Romania scored, the commentator yelled excitedly: “That’s a wonderful goal for Romania”.

Covering the microphone, he asked the reporter next to him: “Who scored the goal?”

To which the reply came: “Fucked if I know”.

And the commentator then announced to the eagerly listening Scottish public: “A truly astounding goal from Fokdivano”.

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Mike Smith said...

The great David Francey was the commentator and it was Ian Archer who said 'fuctivino'. Although Francey always denied this happened!