Monday, January 12, 2009

Road To Recovery

I was back at the coalface today having had two days off to get my wisdom teeth out and recover, followed by a weekend of further recovery.

I felt fine the day after the bilateral removal, and thought that the whole process was going to prove pain free.

That was until I woke up in agony in the middle of Friday/Saturday night. It seems that the tender tissue around the stitches takes a couple of days to bruise.

So Saturday saw me increasing my dosage of painkillers, although things did improve a tad on Sunday.

The area around the spot where my lower wisdom tooth could formerly be found is still pretty tender, but I'm fairly sure I haven't burst the stitches. And the pain has, for the most part, moved into my jaw and tongue - I presume I'm using both differently while attempting not to bash my raw, stitched gum against my teeth.

Anyway, I was back at work today with breath that probably stinks to high heaven, what with having a recently-stitched wound in my mouth, and unshaven since Thursday, as my left cheek is too tender to shave.

And joy of joys, my new boss is over from Norway tomorrow - what an image I'm going to present!


Rob said...

Being petrified of dentists and things to do with teeth and waiting for my appointment to come through to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed, this is probably the most horrific blog entry I have ever read!

Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

You have my sympathies Jock! I had all 4 our in one and they had to smash one tooth to smithereenies to hoik it out, chipping my jawbone in the process. A week later and I still looked like David Coulthard.

Never been in so much pain in me life, the pink smartie ibuprofen didn't touch it :(

Henceforth I cheerily say "Good luck Rob!"