Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty and The Beast

As I write this, Mrs Wife and I are watching Desperate Housewives on Sky+.

At 44, Terri Hatcher looks almost as good as she did at 30. Which must be nice for her.

Unfortunately, many of Hollywood's leading ladies can't say the same.

I'd imagine that for the first four years of his marriage, Guy Ritchie woke up each morning thinking: "Holy shit, that's Madonna".

But towards the end of the eight-year relationship, I'd imagine it was more like: "Holy shit, that's Skeletor".

OK, Terri Hatcher has a six-year advantage over Mrs Ritchie, but still, there's no question as to which would be the better catch, even with Madge's millions.

Desperate Housewives all the way.


Misssy M said...

Rumour has it that one of Guy's problems with Madge was that in the latter stages of their marriage he would lie next to her covered in expensive moisturiser and sealed in a plastic body suit.

So it would have been more like waking up to a giant sized (used) condom.

(Sorry for lowering the tone)

Misssy M said...

Can I point out that it was Madonna wearing the suit- I've just read that back- sounds like I'm talking about Guy which is quite a few degrees more repellent.

BobG said...

If I was next to Madonna, I'd prefer that she was encased in a condom; you don't know where any of her parts have been.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I have never watched the Housewife thing on TV and I think Terri Hatcher and Madonna are normal looking.

You know Madonna should take lessons from 70 year old Sophia Loren who uses olive oil as moisturizer.

Anonymous said...

.... you should not mention moisturizer on your blog, man........ therein lies doom......