Thursday, May 08, 2008


Every day, I'm accompanied almost wherever I go by the Magic Tune Box, an incredible device bearing within its dainty frame 15,000 songs.

At least I was until yesterday.

Whilst transferring new music onto the Magic Tune Box, its battery died. "Nobig deal," I thought, "I'll just plug it in."

Except, when I did, it started rebuilding its internal library. And when it had completed that task, it had miraculously lost 2,500 tracks. Not whole albums, not tracks in any logical order. Just 2,500 random tracks.

Despite this sudden removal of 20 per cent of its total of its contents, this incredible piece of technology had decided not to free up the disk space previously allocated to the tracks. So I'm left with a machine missing key tracks from most albums, its memory full and no way of resetting.

So, as a permanent solution, I'm going to sell my soul and jump on the IPod band wagon (10 years too late). I've decided to invest in a 160GB IPod Classic, which I'm hoping to pick up fairly cheap in China next week.

(Doesn't that last sentence make me sound like a real global traveller. Worse still, at one point in the past day, I uttered the phrase "Maybe Ican fit it in between Shanghai and Stavanger." Which probably just makes me sound like a wanker.)

Anyway, RIP Magic Tune Box. It's been a pleasure.


Jaggy said...

Not another lamb to the iPod slaughter?
You are aware hopefully that once you go iPod there is no going back. You are forever cursed to a lifetime of one player, one piece of software and never playing your library on another device.
There are better players for the money, but I will grant you that Apple have the whole shabang packaged up and integrated so beautifully that it is difficult not to be spellbound.
Happy shopping.

Groanin' Jock said...

Don't get me wrong Jaggy, I was as anti-Ipod as anyone until two days ago. But I've now had two Creative players go tits up on me in two years, and I've had enough of them. I can't find another player that offers 160GB of storage, so I'm going to sell out and go 'Pod....