Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Holidays

Having never enjoyed the benefits of Bank Holidays off work when with my previous employer, I'm always very appreciative when I get a Monday off with the rest of the working world.

That's especially true when it seems that summer has arrived, as was the case today with barely a cloud in the sky. And so, armed with the Magic Tune Box loaded with the newly-acquired albums by Portishead and The Courteeners, Alexander McCall Smith's fourth No.1 Ladies Detective Agency book and a drink, I spent most of the afternoon baking in the May sunshine.

As a result, my arms are now a lurid lobster pink - which is a progression from corned beef grey, the standard hue of the Scotsman on his own soil.

But now the haar is rolling in and the working week is lumbering in to view. And my arms are stinging a bit.

Still, it was good while it lasted.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

You made me think of frekled RedHaired scotswomen in bikinis.



Colin Campbell said...

I had a similar experience this summer (we actually have a summer here). I was determined to do some good works in the garden, including the use of heavy equipment to dig garden beds. I was out for no more than two hours, but paid for it with a week of stinging skin and a peeling back. Many of my contemporaries who grew up here are having melanomas regularly removed. One of the lucky things about growing up in Scotland. Dangerous place Australia, sun and snakes....