Friday, December 21, 2012

1p Album Club

A bit of shameless self-promotion here - my first review as part of the 1p Album Club has just gone live on the website.

I first found out about the club through Twitter. The premise is quite simple:

Pair up with a friend and each month, send each other an album that is available through the Amazon marketplace for 1p (plus postage).

There are thousands of records on Amazon for that price, and the 1p Albums Club is a way of rediscovering some lost classics, finding new music and putting the idea of the album back at the forefront of music, rather than single tracks or iPods set to shuffle.

I received a record I'd never heard of earlier this week, Space Monkeys' 1997 debut The Daddy Of Them All, and in return I sent The Beta Band's Three EPs.

If anyone fancies pairing up for a monthly exchange of albums, let me know.

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