Sunday, November 07, 2010

Celtic: Best Fans In The World

There are no depths too low for "The Greatest Fans In The World".

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Anonymous said...

I was amused by the 'Celtic in Europe' advert on the stand balcony!

When Saturday Comes forum has a good debate (going deep into War, Politics etc but returning to the banner....


Getting back to the original point for a second it is worth pointing out that the sorry mob behind the banner are not representative of the larger Celtic support. They call themselves 'The Green Brigade' (draw your own conclusions why) and claim to be an 'Ultra' group.

They are Celtics annoying teenage son, desperately trying to do something 'shocking' so you'll notice him and see just how deep and serious he is.
A lot of this has to do with Celtic's decision to 'wear' a poppy on their shirts. This decision was taken by John Reid, Celtic chairman and lifelong fan, a genuine warmonger, strong Unionist, ex-Northern Ireland secretary and pillar of the establishment. It's almost comical.

I know one of them, he's an 'expert' on Basque nationalism, Baader-Meinoff gang and the real meaning of everything Rangers and the SFA say (they are the same of course). He's a genuine rebel without a cause. He works in a call centre selling insurance products on behalf of a very large and part public owned high street bank.
Without exception every other Celtic fan I know, and 4 are well within slagging distance of me currently, are either bemused or angry at this.

More pleasingly this is the second time they've made an enormous typo in their banners, the last time they couldn't spell Celtic!

The vast majority of Celtic fans could give 2 fucks about any of this. Most will buy and wear a poppy this week, some might think about friends, brothers, fathers, grandfathers etc who fought somewhere at sometime for some reason on the day itself, they might catch some moving documentary about the futility of it all, then will go back to worrying if their better goal difference is going to be crucial or not come May. Pretty much like the rest of us.


But you just wish you'd been there, earwigging the bhoys as the banners were unfurled. Positioned across the stadium, cameras clicking....

"Gedditrightfuckinupye ya fascist warmongering devils ye! Aye, nae bloostained poppies in Paradise! Thats yoos telt!"


"Aye, er, naw, fuck! Nae again!"

Anonymous said...

...and of course personal grief will prevent me commenting further on events at celtic Park on Saturday!