Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season 2009/2010: Match 2: Montrose v Queen's Park

It's now official - I support the worst "professional" football team in Scotland.

A measly two points from the first quarter of the season tells as much of the story as should be necessary - no wins from the opening nine matches.

As is the case with fans of most shite teams, I'm adamant that Montrose are better than this.

Except they're not.

The defence is largely anonymous. Paul Quinn could have stopped and made a cup of tea before scoring Queen's Park's first last night, with the centre backs - Sean Crighton and player/manager/captain/obergrupenfuhrer/king of the world Steven Tweed - nowhere to be seen.

Andrew McNeil was an erratic keeper when he was at Hibs, and presumably that's why he now finds himself slumming it at the foot of Division Three.

And Montrose have no-one who can score goals. All of their attacks were based around long shots from outside or near the edge of the box, or aimlessly lumping the ball into the box and hoping that Tweed or Crighton could connect with their noggins.

It seems a long time since the heady days of Jim Weir, when promotion looked a serious possibility - but it's only been a season and half. Montrose's slide to below mediocrity has been rapid, thanks in no small part to a whole host of managers and a club-wide budget cut.

It's going to be a grim winter.


Mike Smith said...

Methinks Tweed will soon be on his way. What's Jimmy Calderwood doing these days? Any good tanning salons in Montrose??

Groanin' Jock said...

I'm assuming that the Montrose board will see sense and at least give Tweed a chance to turn things around.

We could do better than Wee Jimmy as well - isn't John Collins still jobless?

Anonymous said...

.... I heard that they were going to start recruiting directly from the Roo's Leap waitress staff, sir......

.... because at least those lasses know how to serve up a Monster......

... and evidently Montrose is in need of a few monsters lately....


Mon da Mo said...

Most people have faith in Tweed. He has really struggled due to a horrendous injury list and only 30%of the cash that weir had to play with.

We were great on Saturday and hopefully this continues against BOD and Livi.