Thursday, October 09, 2008

On The Pull

I've just arrived back at Dungroanin' following a visit to Dundee Dental Hospital.

I was sent to the hospital on the recommendation of my dentist, who spotted that one of my wisdom teeth has come through squint and is pushing against the molar in front of it, causing damage and decay.

In truth, I hadn't felt anything, but the dentist thought it best if I get the wisdom tooth checked out by the folks at the dental hospital, so I found myself there today for a preliminary examination.

And it's not good news. The molar has been damaged pretty badly, but nothing can be done to attempt to save it until the wisdom tooth has been removed. And dentists prefer to remove wisdom teeth in pairs, so I'm to find myself back in the chair before too long to have the upper and lower wisdom teeth on one side of my mouth whisked out.

I was offered three options for having the work done - a local anaesthetic injection that will numb my mouth but keep me fully aware during the procedure; a general anaesthetic so that I know nothing about it until I wake up with two gaping holes in my mouth; and a halfway house that would make me pretty groggy but keep me awake during the procedure, albeit leaving me away with the fairies afterwards.

I've had a few fillings in my time and have always managed just fine with the local anaesthetic injections, so I thought I'd brave it out and have the teeth removed while fully aware of what's happening.

Which maybe, on reflection, isn't the best idea - the dentist explained that the problem tooth will be split in two and the two roots removed separately, while the one that is being removed to make a matching set will be ripped out in a single effort.

When I described what was going to happen when I undergo this oral smash'n'grab, Mrs Wife baulked a little and reminded me that she had a general anaesthetic when she had her wisdom teeth removed.

But it's too late now, so I'll just have to remember that it'll all be over in less than an hour and I'll be fit to engage in retail therapy afterwards. And that I should get between two days and a week off work to recover.


billythekid said...

I just had two teeth removed under local, one broke to such an extent that I had to go through the "two roots out separately" way.

He drilled mine out using a long thin drill. It wasn't that bad but I've had easier teeth pulled. Got antibiotics too just in case.

It's probably the most painful tooth I've had out, but not unbearable, kids would call it sore, adults more like niggly, doctors would say 'slight discomfort'.

Afterwards though, like 3 hours, you'd think someone had taken a bat to your face.

Just sayin'...

btk ;oP

mirk said...

I sympathize Jock,!! normally I don't bother with the injection for fillings unless advised to. Hopefully you have forgotten the post I wrote yonks ago concerning the difference between injections on the top and bottom teeth. I shall not repeat them out of the kindness of me old heart :))

At least you are being kept informed by your dentist i.e. split root. Not so long ago I had a molar removed and heard the dentist say in a low voice to the dental nurse "better get some suction ready split root" as if I couldn't hear or guess what he meant.... have fun ;) it's not that bad really :) you can punch me later!