Thursday, March 06, 2008

Screw This

A work colleague forwarded the above photograph to me today.

The warning makes for interesting reading, and is the way of useless tripe, got me thinking.

At what point during your DIY session do you think "Hmmm, I know EXACTLY where that screwdriver would fit."

I'm guessing that it's a warning to male users of the screwdriver set, rather than women who might think it could give their partner a "little surprise" in bed.

In my 28 years on the planet, it has never once occurred to me to stick anything in that particular orifice.
Let's face it, there aren't many things that would fit, and fewer still that would fit comfortably. Those that would qualify on the grounds of their physical dimensions would be those most likely to cause some pretty serious damage and pain I would think: I'm thinking cocktail sticks (how aptly named), hairpins and, yes, screwdrivers.

It makes me wonder how common a problem this is: do hospitals see a steady stream of people who have jammed workmen's tools into the nether regions? Have the manufacturers of such implements faced numerous lawsuits from injured and aggrieved men now missing a testicle after misjudging their angle of entry with a chisel?

Let's throw the question out to the blogosphere: Gents, have you ever been injured attempting to ram a screwdriver into your bellend? Answers in the comments please.


chris said...

Damn Belgians! The warning is probably mandated by the European Union.

BobG said...

I think these guys probably belong in the same category.
Never underestimate the weirdness of people.

mirk said...

I would like to give a ringing endorsement to this idea but alas such things have never occurred to me either.

Mind you I do have a candidate in mind :))

love the pic jock ps no i'm not back just visiting old friends!

bigrab said...

Mark, this is so good I've pinched the photo. I hope you don't mind!